Our Range Of Auto Electric Services

Tauranga Auto Electric partner with Battery Zone and YUASA to bring you the complete range of vehicle battery types and sizes. Cars, trucks, motorbikes, farm vehicles, campers and caravans; we have a specific battery for each.
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From your standard, inexpensive deterrent alarm, to fully-integrated keyless entry, immobilisers and GPS tracking, Tauranga Auto Electric can recommend, source and install security systems for your vehicle or fleet.
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Vehicle electronic diagnostics
If you have a warning light for ‘Engine Check’, SRS, ABS, ‘Fault,’ ‘Safe Mode’ or even something less obvious, we have the right tools and expertise to diagnose and resolve it. Almost every modern vehicle has an onboard computer. We can work with them all.
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Auto electrical services and repairs
Busted headlight? Intermittent fault? Air conditioning not working? Time for a service? Talk to the team at Tauranga Auto Electric for all your auto electrical servicing and repair needs.
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Alcohol Interlock Agent
Driving restrictions after sentencing? We are Authorised Installers of Alcohol Interlock systems for all vehicle makes and models.
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Parking sensor and reverse cameras
Once you’ve used parking sensors and reversing cameras you’ll never go back. Technology has advanced a lot over the years and they’re not nearly as expensive as they used to be.
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If your commercial machinery can't be brought in to the workshop, we can come to you. We have two specialist staff with a full range of mobile equipment who will get your vehicle back to work as soon as possible.
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Auto re-wiring specialists
For electrical repairs, upgrades or additions to your vehicle, you may require a ‘rewire.’ Rewiring involves expert specification and installation of one or more subsystems of your vehicles’ electrics. With so many years’ experience, Tauranga Auto Electric are the natural choice for rewiring work.
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Breakdown Services
Need a tow? Our friends at Downtown Vehicle Recovery offer great rates and 24-hour availability at dvrtowing.co.nz
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air conditioning services
Whether it’s a simple A/C recharging service, a leak that needs repair, or an A/C compressor replacement, Tauranga Auto Electric will get your vehicle’s aircon system functioning properly again.
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For all your Tauranga automotive electrical needs,
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