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Tauranga Auto Electric was incorporated in 1988, long before the days of electronic diagnostics and reversing cameras. In the decades since, we have continuously delivered efficient, expert service on increasingly complex vehicles. Our team has taken countless courses, scoured innumerable manuals, and bought fancy equipment to stay ahead of the pack. Within our team of technicians, half have more than thirty years’ experience in automobile electric or mechanical servicing, and the rest have considerable experience.

All were apprenticed. What sets us apart from other companies is our team-oriented approach to problem solving. We value each other’s take on an issue, and capitalise on differences in skill base and experience. Whether you need an airbag specialist or an ABS-braking specialist, an opinion on complementary LED glow colours or a suggestion for a new GPS unit, we will quickly work out how to get the best outcome for you, our customer.

We also are proud sponsors

Tauranga Auto electric truly have a passion for cars, it shows in their work, their lifestyle, and in the professional standards of their staff. Tauranga Auto Electric proudly sponsor the Westpac / TECT Rescue Helicopter, the local Jaguar Drivers Club and Drag Racing events.

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